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Our Mission

Casa do Professor's mission is to promote cultural dynamism, social intervention and the professional, personal and human enhancement of teachers, through the cultural, sporting and recreational promotion of associates and their families.

Our Vision

Casa do Professor aims to be the place where all teachers and their families come together, a space where they feel respected, cherished and happy.

Bearing in mind this frame of reference, the institution's strategic vision points to the successive improvement of the quality of the services provided, thus ensuring the high levels of notoriety and prestige that are recognized for it.

Our Values

The values ​​and guiding principles of the institution's action are:

Humanization: respecting the diversity in the service delivery process, providing differentiated, solidary and responsible relationships;

Dignification: enable the associates / customers of tools that allow their development, respecting their individual values;

Integrity: honesty and personal loyalty in the service of the public interest, represented as a guarantee of the veracity and trust in the work performed;

Innovation: continuously explore new ideas, processes and solutions;

Excellence: to act in meeting the needs and expectations of the interested parties and in the continuous improvement of processes and results.


The strategy of Casa do Professor, bearing in mind its nature and object, as well as the mission, vision and established values, seeks to respond to the needs and expectations of associates, family members, employees, partners and all those who, directly or indirectly, relate to the institution, always on the basis of respect and loyalty.

Quality policy

Casa do Professor assumes, with the cooperation of the entire associative community, employees and partners, whether public or private entities, the commitment to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements aimed at improving the Quality Management System, namely:

Promote the successive quality of the services provided, exploring, in particular, some tools of competitiveness, enhancing the excellence of organizational performance (e.g. marketing, benchmarking);

Identify ways to reinforce the credibility, trust and expectations of its members in the various fields of activity;

Ensure a dynamic of innovation, creativity and participative management in order to consolidate the effectiveness of the processes and the Quality Management System;

Consolidate a co-responsibility and performance management policy for its employees, assuming the importance of motivation, appreciation and training.

Environmental Policy

Casa do Professor considers that a proactive environmental management is a value generator and constitutes the duty of any socially responsible entity. The institution's environmental policy must translate into actions that respond to the following general objectives:

Recognize environmental quality as an integral part of organizational performance.

Adopt technically proven and economically viable environmental protection measures.

Develop the environmental awareness of its employees, in order to ensure compliance with its environmental policy.

To assume in all actions the continuous improvement of environmental performance and the prevention of pollution, namely with regard to waste management.

Continuously raise awareness among associates and employees about the importance of practices related to the environment, health and safet