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Who we are

Casa do Professor is the oldest social solidarity association in the country, created with the purpose of supporting teachers of all levels of education, through the promotion of social, scientific, training, cultural and recreational initiatives.

The institution, in order to achieve this objective, offers a very diversified set of activities and services, for the benefit of about 11,000 members, to which they add their respective direct family members.

What sets us apart?

The intervention of the Casa do Professor is not only related to the associate's professional life, but also includes his personal and family dimensions.

The association is not for profit or union, has a fully professional management and integrates more than forty employees, supporting a component of its dynamics in about a hundred partners / protocols.

What moves us?

The association's object is the dignification of teachers, successively reinforcing the nobility of their profession, hence the bet on actions of professional valorization and initiatives of social intervention and cultural dynamism.

This defense is assumed with high professionalism and deep dedication, so that the teacher always feels respected, cherished and happy. The Teacher's House is the place where all the teachers come together.


The association guides its action to reinforce the recognition of the role of teachers in society, which is why the strategy of acting in the social, cultural and training areas.

Its members also have at their disposal several features: residential home, home support service, music academy, restaurant, auditorium and library, along with a very diverse range of services, namely in the legal, health and social protection areas.


The statutes regulate all the activity of Casa do Professor, its organs and its decisions.
Be sure to consult the document below.

Action and Budget Program

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Report and Accounts

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Fiscal Council

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General Meeting Convocations

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