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Casa do Professor is a social solidarity association, founded in Braga on February 14, 1979 recognized as a public utility, not for profit, medal of merit, gold degree, a professional organization , with national expression, which develops its mission for the benefit of teachers as well as their family members (ascendants, descendants and spouses).

Throughout its history, some major milestones stand out:


Casa do Professor was born from an idea of ​​António Gomes de Faria, Director of the Braga School District, who invited 15 teachers to a meeting, in which he exposed the intention of creating a non-profit association and away from any union connection , political or ideological. The purpose was cultural, sports and recreational promotion, as well as the pursuit of social objectives. The great purpose of its performance would be the fraternal union in a healthy coexistence among all the associates.


The notary deed of incorporation of the Casa do Professor was signed by 19 founding members and two witnesses, on February 14, 1979, at the then Notarial Secretariat of Braga.


Creation of the Casa do Professor Training Center, the largest in the country in terms of volume of continuous teacher training.


Attribution of public utility status.


Decoration with the merit medal, gold grade.

Inauguration of the institution's current headquarters.


Awarding of the award “A Nossa Terra” - Merit Bracarense.


Start of the solidarity project “Novelos de Afetos - Meada de Partilha” and the Casa do Professor Music Academy.


Creation of NESTT, the first major international teacher training project.

Founding Associates

António Gomes de Faria

António Elísio Portela

Manuel António Antunes

Maria Ângela Vieira

Paulo Antunes Fafe

Maria José Morais

Maria Luísa Lamela

José Manuel Gouveia

José Albano Domingues

Júlio da Silva Dias

Carlos Pereira Alves

Maria Joana Bacelar

Carolina Granja Almeida

Manuel Celestino Rocha

Serafim Almeida Dantas

Reinaldo Almeida Faria

Maria Cândida Ventura

Manuel de Oliveira

Joaquim Manuel Sousa Martins


António Elísio S. F. Portela

1979 – 1981

Maria Cândida Ventura

1981 – 1984

Adolfo Passos

1984 – 1988

Maria Luísa Lamela

1988 – 1993

João Fernando Almeida

1993 – 2009

Hilário de Sousa

2009 – 2019

Jorge Soares


Honorary Members

António Abreu Pereira

Benjamim Guimarães

Cândida Ventura

Joaquim Sousa Martins